Recent Progress in the Swarm SOMA Search Algorithms with Applications in Control and Design of Complex Systems 


Professor Ivan Zelinka


Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science VŠB-TUO

17. listopadu 15, 708 33 Ostrava-Poruba, Czech Republic,


This keynote discusses the mutual intersection of exciting fields of research: bio-inspired algorithms, deterministic chaos and complex systems.  The first one will discuss the main principles of bio-inspired methods, its historical background and its use on various examples including real-world ones. The main algorithm discussed is Self-organizing migrating algorithm and its recent progress in comparison with the state of art algorithms. Examples include plasma reactor control, optimal signal routing in the network of portable meteorological stations, complex system design as antenna design, nonlinear system and controllers design and more. Also, its use in deterministic chaos control with focusing on simple chaotic systems (logistic, Hennon,…), as well as CML systems exhibiting spatiotemporal chaos, will be mentioned and explained. The second part will discuss the use of deterministic chaos instead of pseudo-random number generators inside evolutionary algorithms with the application on well-known evolutionary algorithms (differential evolution, PSO, SOMA, genetic algorithms,..) and test functions. A mutual comparison will be presented, based on our research. Also will be discussed the question of whether evolutionary dynamics need pseudo-random numbers or no. At the end will be mentioned a novel approach joining evolutionary dynamics, complex networks and CML systems exhibiting chaotic behavior.  Reported methodology and results are based on the actual state of the art (that is a part of this keynote) as well as on our research. The keynote is designed as an introduction; no advanced or expert knowledge from complex networks, chaos and control is expected.

Bio: Ivan Zelinka is currently working at the Technical University of Ostrava (VSB-TU), Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He graduated consequently at Technical University in Brno (1995 – MSc.), UTB in Zlin (2001 – PhD) and again at Technical University in Brno (2004 – assoc. prof.) and VSB-TU (2010 - professor). Before academic career, he was an employed like TELECOM technician, computer specialist (HW+SW) and Commercial Bank (computer and LAN supervisor). During his career at UTB, he proposed and opened 7 different lectures. He also has been invited for lectures at numerous universities in different EU countries plus the role of the keynote speaker at the Global Conference on Power, Control and Optimization in Bali, Indonesia (2009), Interdisciplinary Symposium on Complex Systems (2011), Halkidiki, Greece and IWCFTA 2012, Dalian China. The field of his expertise if mainly on unconventional algorithms and cybersecurity. He is and was responsible supervisor of 3 grant of fundamental research of Czech grant agency GAČR, co-supervisor of grant FRVŠ - Laboratory of parallel computing. He was also working on numerous grants and two EU project like a member of the team (FP5 - RESTORM) and supervisor (FP7 - PROMOEVO) of the Czech team and supervisor of international research (founded by TACR agency) focused on the security of mobile devices (Czech - Vietnam). Currently, he is a professor at the Department of Computer Science and in total, he has been the supervisor of more than 40 MSc. and 25 Bc. diploma thesis. Ivan Zelinka is also supervisor of doctoral students including students from the abroad. He was awarded by Siemens Award for his PhD thesis, as well as by journal Software news for his book about artificial intelligence. Ivan Zelinka is a member of British Computer Society, Editor in chief of Springer book series: Emergence, Complexity and Computation (,           Editorial board of Saint Petersburg State University Studies in Mathematics, a few international program committees of various conferences and international journals. He is the author of journal articles as well as of books in Czech and English language and one of three founders of TC IEEE on big data . He is also head of research group NAVY

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