Prof. dr Milun J. Babić


Presentation of the basic objectives of the Trans-European Research and Development Project TRANSIS 15-20


 Prof. dr Milun J. Babić, the regular member of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Serbia. He defended his PhD at the University of Belgrade in March 1981. In March 1990 th, he was elected as a full-time university professor at that Faculty.

During a post-doctoral stay at the universities Loughborough and Southampton (UK) and the Institute MASI in Moscow (Russia), he lectured at the undergraduate and master studies. He was in several study visits to universities in Poland, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, Norway, Hungary, Romania, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden and Czech Republic. M. Babic is the author of 874 scientific and other papers published in domestic and international scientific journals and conferences, 8 patents, 109 technical solutions, 12 experimental and /or laboratory installations, 38 - new industrial products, and managed with 98 scientific and R&D projects of regional, national and international character. His scientific and expert contributions include: analysis of energy and process systems, mathematical and experimental identification of energy processes, development of mathematical models and software packages for monitoring and raising energy, economic and ecological efficiency (EEE), development and expansion into industrial production of new products, technical solutions, development and implementation of measures and specific design solutions for raising EEE.

M. Babic published 10 monographs, 3 university textbooks and 1 collection of tasks, and he was mentor of 10 defended and 11 doctoral dissertations whose work is in progress, 11 master theses, 3 specialist works and many graduate master's, graduation and final works. M. Babic was a member of the 32 committees for the defense of the doctoral dissertation of Mechanical Engineering in Kragujevac, Pristina, Nis and Belgrade, the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade. He is the organizer of the highly visited Annual International Congress "Energy", and a thematic editor and reviewer in a few international journals (Energy, Thermal Science, Energy and Buildings, International Journal of Energy Optimization and Engineering). 

M. Babic has received many prestigious international and national awards for scientific and development contributions.

M. Babic was the Dean Faculty of Engineering University of Kragujevac, Head of Department of Energy and Process Engineering and the Director of the Regional Center for Energy Efficiency. He was the Minister for Technology in the Government of Republic Serbia and member of the Federal of Parliament. Now he is president of the scientific board of the Trans-European Research and Development Project TRANSIS 15-20, which is financed by seven large companies from six EU countries.

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