Performance evaluation of a computational fluid dynamics-based optimization tool for flows in complex configurations

Professor José Joaquín Lizardi Del Angel

Science and Technology College

Autonomous University Of Mexico City



In this work, two-dimensional numerical simulations are carried out to study the mixed convection heat transfer past two equal-sized rotating isothermal circular cylinders in tandem arrangement confined inside a vertical channel. The governing equations are solved using the finite element method (Freefem++) with based optimization, and the effects of rotation speed have been assessed for fixed spacing and blockage ratios for different values of rotation rates. The numerical scheme is first validated against standard cases of symmetrically confined isothermal circular cylinders in plane channels. Stiff time convergence tests are also examined. The numerical performance is compared against a parallelized (OpenMP) finite volume based numerical method developed in Fortran 90 to evaluate the performance of the based optimization. The results demonstrate that the optimized model developed in this study can be used as an effective tool to save computational resources.

José Lizardi is a Professor and Research in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in the Autonomous University of Mexico City who apply his studies to more efficient energy use issues, José holds a bachelor in Physics from National Autonomous University of Mexico, he also holds a Master and Doctoral degree in Thermo-Fluids by the same University. José is always working in how to program efficient numerical codes in CFD with a low computational cost, he have a wide experience using methods in finite element, finite differences and finite volume, solving non linear partial differential equations. He was member of the national research system of Mexico; Jose is a awarded chief information officer for his contributions in creativity and infrastructure in Technology and information. He collaborates and do research with people of Mexico, Spain and Germany in issues in energy and heat and mass transfer using CFD on base optimization.

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