CALL for Papers for Special Session on

Emerging Technologies in Optimizing Future Enterprise Applications


Special Session Organizers:

Dr. Neel Mani, University College Dublin, Ireland

Dr. Shastri L Nimmagadda, Curtin University, Australia

Pankaj Deshwal, University of Delhi, India


Aims and Scope

Enterprises are relentlessly dealing with complex business data systems, and business leaders are keenly aware of the vast potential of the unstructured data, whether it comes from their customers or internal and/ or external sources. The smart enterprises are constantly looking for solutions to address the business challenges in practical ways and effective means. The unstructured data that mostly comes from sensors, geospatial sciences, social media, blogs, documents, emails, images, and videos in the form of digital content, are heterogeneous and multidimensional. Because of varieties and volumes of data, by traditional and conventional systems, it is difficult to integrate and obtain useful information with new knowledge.

This session focuses on many common research areas for business enterprises, where machine learning and Big Data techniques have delivered valuable results in cloud computing environments. Some of the challenging issues will be analysed and evaluated in preparation of complex analytics solutions that involve the unstructured data, with expectations and possible choices. This session will expect the data decision makers to equip better and tap the wealth of new knowledge that is available on their servers and businesses with unsure data systems.

For a complete introduction to the research area, it is recommended to track the list of themes presented at International Conference on Intelligent Computing & Optimization 2018 site. It includes Deep Learning, IoT, and Cloud Computing, Fog Computing or relating to Data Space for Bit-Coin, Block Chain, Crypto-currency, Mining or other Digital/Data Technology. The session aims at addressing such issues in practical and theoretical perspectives.

The themes are not limited, but including the following topics:

  • Domain Application in Intelligent and Smart system with IoT, Deep learning, cloud & Fog Computing

    1. Agriculture and Environment

    2. Smart City

    3. Energy Systems

    4. Green Information Systems

    5. Sustainability Research

    6. Healthcare System

  • Enterprise architecture

  • Data Warehouse

  • Cloud computing and reuse

  • Microservices, container and docker applications and reuse

  • Service-oriented architectures

  • Multi-Agent Systems

  • Sensor systems

  • Business process models and application

  • Big data analytics, development, applications

  • Big data and its role in ecosystems’ analysis

  • Big-data analytics and business intelligence

  • Data modelling methodologies

  • Data integration and warehousing – big data focus

  • Data mining, visualization and interpretation – big-data focused

  • Knowledge mapping and adding values to projects and services

  • Customisable and configurable language

  • Data mining/warehousing reuse process

  • Exploratory/ knowledge-based data analysis

  • Optimisation of Data analysis and application

  • Cognitive and ambient intelligence

Email & Contact Details:

Dr. Neel Mani, CONSUS

School of Computer Science, University College Dublin, Dublin 4, Ireland



Dr. Shastri L Nimmagadda

School of Management, Information Systems Discipline

Curtin Business School, Curtin University, Perth, Australia



Pankaj Deshwal, Division of Management

Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology

University of Delhi, India


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