Dr. Denis Sidorov, DSc

Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Energy Systems Institute of

Russian Academy of Sciences (SB)


Integral dynamical models: branching, blow-up and applications


Profile: Denis Sidorov is an Leading Researcher  of Operations Research Laboratory of Energy Systems Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences. He has completed his PhD in 1999 and Habilitation (DSc) in 2014. He is a Distinguished Guest Professor  of Hunan University, Changsha, China and Visiting Research Professor of QUB, UK. He has held Vision Engineer Lead position at ASTI Holdings Pte Ltd, Singapore (2005-2008), Research Fellow ay Trinity College Dublin, Ireland (2001-2002) and CNRS, Compiegne, France (2003-2004).  He is IEEE Senior Research Fellow,  Expert of the Russian Science Foundation and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research. Reviewer of Mathematical Reviews and Zentralblatt fur Mathematik. Dr Sidorov is IEEE Chapter Chair of IEEE PES Russia. He serves as Member of the Editorial Boards of the journals: Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews (Elsevier, Q1); International Journal of Artificial Intelligence (Scopus Q2). He gained Publons Award  as one of the top 1 per cent of peer reviewers in Engineering in 2018 and Publons Award "Sentinels of Science" in Mathematics in 2016. His main research interests include machine learning, power engineering, image processing, numerical methods and integral equations. He is Professor of Russian Academy of Sciences.

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