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Intelligent Energy for Green Hybrid Energy Autonomous System : Photovoltaic System and A Fuel Cell


Dr. Benmessaoud Tarik

University of Science and Technology of Oran, Algeria



Currently, energy consumption in the planet is high, public awareness of energy consumption, environmental protection and steady progress in the deregulation of conventional energy, distributed generation systems (based on hydrogen) have attracted increased interest. Fuel cell (FC) base and high-temperature systems also have great potential in future single-source or multi-source (hybrid- HSE) applications due to their rapid technological development and numerous benefits such as well, as the appreciable efficiency, low emission (greenhouse gases) and flexible modular technology.  Photovoltaic system (PV) output current is connected to the bus. Using a MPPT (maximum power point tracker) is an electronic DC to DC converter that optimizes the match between the solar array and utility grid. The proposed system utilizes an electrolyser (EL) to generate hydrogen and a tank for storage. Therefore, there is no need for batteries. Moreover, the generated oxygen could be used in FC's system and other applications. Moreover, such as the photovoltaic system, it is possible to connect fuel cell (FC) output voltage to DC bus alternatively.  

The improvement of the storage system, notably through the use of electrochemical components, the case of the SOFC high-temperature fuel cell, makes it possible to obtain performances comparable to the conventional systems based on PEMFCs used.  The thermal energy in this case allows an additional average gain on the overall performance of the system, depending on the load and weather conditions. Heat generation, advantages of the hydrogen storage system.


Important Dates

Abstract submission:          April 4 2018

Notification and Registration opens:    May 6 2018

Camera-ready deadline:     June 10 2018

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