Call for Papers


Special Session ICO’2018

1st International Conference on Intelligent Computing & Optimization

(Pattaya, Thailand – October 4-5, 2018)


Special Session Title:

Smarter City Evolutionary Process: Engineering Optimization Challenges

Special Session Chair:

Prof. Alessandra Pieroni, PhD. (Guglielmo Marconi University, Italy)

Research Representative for the Department of Innovation and Information Engineering

Director of Master in Computer Science 


Description and Objectives:

The optimization of the Intelligent Systems for the Quality of Life (QoL) and the Quality of Services (QoS) represents the main challenge of the evolutionary process that leads towards the so-called Smarter City. The scientific interest in this field consists of promoting innovative solutions by use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) able to collect, analyse and obtain value from a large amount of data generated by several sources: IoT devices, sensor networks, wearable devices as well as sensor grids, widespread within the cities.

Furthermore, creating synergies and integrating different enabling technologies and informative platforms, remains the most challenge to overcome in order to obtain the optimization of the services and the quality of life. Finally, the Smart City involves the implementation of digital strategies that are necessary people-centred and lead into high technology-based innovations to build more capacities and opportunities. Creating, in other words, smart government, smart systems, smart grids, smart citizenship, and so on.

The main research fields to address in this Special Session include the following topics (but not-limited to):

  • Smart Economy (competitiveness),

  • Smart People (Social and Human Capital),

  • Smart Governance (Participation),

  • Smart Mobility (Transport and ICT),

  • Smart Environment (Natural resources)

  • Smart Living (Quality of Life)

  • Urban sustainability and optimization

  • Data processing and data analyzing in the smart city

  • Innovative solutions for IoT data-security

  • ​Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the evolutionary process

  • Decision Support Systems to improve QoL and QoS

  • Data Protection and Data Privacy in eHealth environment

Important Dates

Abstract submission:   April 4 2018

Notification and Registration opens:   May 6 2018

Camera-ready deadline:  10 June 2018

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